M002 Commercial Electric Treadmill

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The M002 commercial electric treadmill is a luxury intelligent commercial treadmill. It can provide you with electrifying sports atmosphere by adopting subversive and strict design, novel and special color scheme, combining with HD 21.5" display screen.

System Features

Operating system: Android 4.4.4 operating system;
System control software: custom control software for treadmills.
The treadmill adopts 1.7G quad-core processor chip (made in America); 1G memory card; 8G NANDFLASH.
It adopts high performance capacitive touch screen and IPS full view LCD display screen.
There is additional system flashing monitoring and finishing prompt; alerting for missing picture.
The unique battery management system ensures normal running of the system during power failure and quick start or shutdown, thus further improving the safety and stability of the system.
This commercial electric treadmill adopts control panel with multi-layer isolation protection which can completely protect the panel from touch screen interference caused by static electricity.
Built-in WIFI module allows the unit to connect to effective wireless network and get high-speed internet access.

Technical Parameters

LCD capacitive touch screen adopts wide viewing angle screen of which the resolution can be up to 1920*1080.
Video player: support HD video (AVI, RMVB, MP4, WMV, MPG, MKV formats etc.)
Audio player: support audio formats such as MP3, WMA etc.
Image displayer: support PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF etc.
App installation: various Android apps can be installed.
Online video: Youku, Tudou, Sina, Sohu, Letv etc.
Language: built-in languages include Chinese and English.
HI-FI stereophonic sound system: a 3.5mm earphone output jack.
Built-in USB HOST: support USB disk and SD card.
Mobile phone charging is available.
DVD function: support external video, DVD and digital set top box display.


TFT display screen: 21.5" capacitive touch screen
LED display screen: 21.5" interface; multi window display
Console upright: all plastic shell
Foot rail material: harden PVC
Handrail material: one piece PU foaming handrail
Heart rate sensor chip: it adopts built-in design so that it will never loose.
Running belt: 3.2T running belt imported from Germany of which the working temperature is -10~70℃.
Running board: highest strength is 25T; max static load capacity is 600KG.
Frequency converter: GD200 imported from Korea
Holder for water bottle and personal belongings: Yes
Lubrication: automatic lubricating system controlled by PLC microcomputer.
Elevator motor (Taiwan): voltage: 200V-240V, speed: 1475r /min, frequency: 50Hz, output power: 60W, insulation class: B
Max load capacity: 550kg
Main motor: rated power: 2.0HP (2.2KW); max power 7HP
Transport wheel: it adopts integrated double wheel structure with big span so that it can greatly improve the stability of the treadmill.
Brake system: N/A


Operating system: Android 4.4.4
Display type: 21.5" TFT/LED
Key control: when a key is pressed, the touch control will play click sound.
Preset program (TFT): distance mode; calories mode; time mode; manual mode
Fixed program (TFT): strolling mode, primary fat burn 01, primary fat burn 02, primary fat burn 03, intermediate fat burn 01, intermediate fat burn 02, intermediate fat burn 03, advanced fat burn 01, advanced fat burn 02
Preset program (LED): distance count down mode, calories count down mode, time count down mode
Fixed program (LED): P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, 01, 02 (01, 02 are custom program)
Language: LED: English; TFT: Chinese and English
WiFi: Yes (TFT)
Multi-media player (suitable for TFT): available for and compatible with Android system; support MP3, MP4, AVI, MPG.
Built-in HDTV (suitable for TFT): support digital TV signal
USB: Yes (TFT)
Readouts: time, distance, calories, power, heart rate, speed
Heart rate monitoring: the hand held heart rate sensor is fixed on the handrail. It has higher accuracy and can be used by exerciser of all body types.
Heart rate display: heart rate is displayed in real-time. After the values of age and weight are input, it effectively helps customers to have cardiorespiratory exercise and lose weight when programs like "fat burn", "cardio exercise", or "Target" are running.
Heart rate display range: 50-256bpm
Calories display range: 0-999 (Kcal)
Distance display range: 0.00-99.9 (KM)
Time display range: 0:00-99:59
Speed display range: 1.0-20.0 (KM/H)
Incline display range: (0-20)%
Max user weight: 150 kg

Meas. & Weight

Length: 2245 mm
Width: 930 mm
Height: 1765 mm
Running surface: 1500*580 mm
Running belt width: 580 mm
N.W. (whole unit): 308 kg
G.W. (whole unit): 384 kg
N.W. (console): 28 kg
G.W. (console): 36 kg
G.W. (console excluded): 348 kg
N.W. (console excluded): 280 kg

Power Source

Power source: external power supply; AC 220V 士10 % ( 50Hz / 60Hz );
Power cord: 16A AC 250V
Overload protector: 13A
Recommended working temperature: 0~40 ℃
EN957-6 approved.